BC’s Backcountry

God, it sure is a whole knot of roads, connected like roads are, to other roads, and bigger roads.  The smaller roads leech off to some beautiful pond, the high-ways major ventricles for bird-flipping and winks.  Personally, I like all the roads.  Roads in Toronto go alongside big, impressive buildings.  And sketchier ghettos, sprawllinglier parks.  You can see your reflection when on the roads of Vancouver.  And when you’re on the roads of back-country BC, you can see a whole lot of nothing.  Or it seems so at first – like lots of trees, bush as high as your waist, “wild-flower” and maybe “elderberry.”  Oh yes, roads of all kinds have something alongside them; even alleys spit out onto storefronts and you can see shoppers there, gazing in through the windows at a perfectly knit cap, or a sweater made from 100% llama fur.  Those are always the most popularly expensive items, spun from only one thing, pure, one thing only.  Peesh.  I was in the fancy market in Yaletown where they play the most groovinest elevator music, like shopping at a lounge, but with the meat only in one section.  They have great little names for product there, it makes you feel just perfect, like “Jealous Lettuce” in a cute green font, or “Heaping Helper’s Hamburger Scoop.”  ….


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