Going on an adventure trip

Oh god, oh god, oh god.  I’ve been so bad – I haven’t posted in two days and didn’t water the plants for two days, the leaves are limp, all flatlined off their branches, saggy, lifeless, sad.  I am a terrible person.  But there’s water in there now.  And I am posting now.  Though we are heading out on an adventure trip for the long weekend, so I won’t even be able to post tomorrow!  I’ll be back Sunday.

I don’t even understand why the sky is still grey, where the *@&! is summer – ominous.  But I hear it will be 30 and sunny in Nelson, and that is where we are headed (potentially).  Signed up for Open Mic last night at a local hippie joint and we sweat through the first beers as we waited to find out when we got to go on – turns out even though we put our name in the pitcher twice (accidentally!), lady chance was not on our side.  We have to go back next week.  There was a guy who sang the Aladdin theme song while running around the room – glad we didn’t have to follow that.  And a guy who covered a rare Beatles song (so rare, even, that I can’t remember the name of it…) then David Bowie – Changes.  Sang with his whole body and he was all sweaty and the like – it was awesome!  There was a lady with such a lovely voice, and a youngster called Second Act – bold enough even to chance some parlance with the crowd, the skeezer.

Urgh – to be honest, I am a bit hungover.  Dave bought some of this beer called Russell Lemon (or something like that) – he said it had electrolytes in it, and it tasted like gummy bears!  It was too yummy.  I ate the rest of my burrito for breakfast from Budgies Burritos; it. was. amazing.

Andy is packing the car and I’m being a lazy *$&%^@#$&, so I should probably go.  We are going to drive to Princeton area, and maybe stop overnight at Kirk’s cabin in Tulameen.  We are dragging Kirk and James along with us.  Nelson Saturday night.  Plenty of fire-cooked food, lake swimming, and romping around ahead of us.  OH!  And a fancy bottle of Champagne!  Yes – I am starting to feel better already.


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