Mrs. Play It Safe

Ever look into the rear view mirror and see a psychotic version of yourself rocking out in the back seat?  Yeah.  Happens to the best of us.  But what does it mean?  Does this alter-person stand in for all the possible uncertainties and ways you could have, might have, flown off the handle, had it not been for something else in your life to cling to?  This is your freak-out side, and I plan to nurture mine.

People generally need to freak out more.  <I take that back – the people ‘living’ in my alley need to freak-out less, leave some for the rest of us> but just once I’d like to see the mousey accountant at work freak out like Alien brains have finally chewed yogurt into the printer and she’s now been captured and tied to the lamp by her own numbers.

Alanis does it well here, gaffing at the irony of it all, maniacally laughing from the front seat as if to say “it’s ludicrous that somebody let me drive this thing!!”  Recklessness ensue, I say.  Run from boring.

Back to the video – the more selves, the better?  Each one plays a necessary role!  Plus you’ve already got one in the backseat flipping shit for every unknown answer and trailing truth that reveals itself in the most puzzling coincidences, why would you not have another who’s got the balls to swing her body out the window at high speeds, and yet one more to eat a cracker in behind?

It only hits me now how very alternative and oh-so-Alanis this video is.  I kinda miss the 90’s.

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